written by: rebecca nistal

It’s time to get personal, and share some secrets.  You want to know what she is thinking the first time she sees your penis????  Then Keep Reading and Find Out…

Most men know where they rank up against other men.  Thanks to the locker rooms in the gym. Other men might have a bit of a distorted perception of what BIG actually is.  Mainly due to comparing themselves to the men that are porn stars.

What most men do not know is exactly how much attention to detail is going on in her pretty little head at that defining moment. You might assume that size is the only thing she sees when you unveil Mr. Winkle to her.  When, in fact, she automatically notices a few other specific details that you might not have thought about yet.
Here are the four main things that she is really thinking the first time she sees your manhood….

1) Cleanliness
She is immediately peeping out the cleanliness situation. Are your boxers or briefs nice and clean?  She can tell if you skipped a shower, or are wearing the same underwear from yesterday. Also if she smells cologne, or after shave, or something manly and sexy like that, then you can rest assure that she is enjoying it.
2) The hair down there
Everyone has a preference. However, general rule of thumb, if she cant see your balls, shes not going to touch them. That is pretty much standard across the board with all women. We don’t like that feeling of hair in our mouth either, if you can catch my drift here.
3) Softness
The softer the skin, the better. She loves when its baby soft. So keep doing what you guys are doing with all that lotion all the time, because we like the direct effect it has on the penis and the softness of the skin.
4) Size

Before you start sizing yourself up, keep in mind that her vagina is always the true judge of your size, no matter what her eyes are telling her. With that being said, Here are what real life women, who love sex, have to say about penis size….

(a) if it’s Too Small 
Too Tiny is no good. Sorry, but true. Too tiny is considered pinkie size when hard.
If you think you are in this “Pinkie Dick” category, then may I suggest a penis pump, especially to enhance your first impression.  They really do add to the size, and you don’t want that to be something that gets in your way of having a healthy sex life.
I’m upset with myself that I’m being so honest about this. Sorry Pinkie Dick. I really am sorry. Hopefully you have a stellar personality and are ridiculously rich to make up for your teeny tiny member.
(b) if it’s “Just Right”
Good News! The Range that is considered to be “Just right”  is very broad. That is why you should not worry so much about how big it is. This range starts at about 5 inches and goes all the way to 9 or 10 inches. So unless you have pinkie dick (see above), you need not worry anymore. You pass the size inspection.
(c) if it’s “Too Big”
The “Too Big” category is like the pinkie dick category, because it is among the minority of men. Anything above ten inches is typically too big. It hurts. It pokes at our spleen and causes internal pain throughout the whole next day when we sit down.  Usually when we see this size… we get excited, then we get scared. However, most women are up for the challenge, so over all, don’t worry.  Besides, there are women out there that were built for men that fall in this category.
This whole 4 step analysis process happens in the first 2.5 seconds of you de-pantsing yourself. So go the extra mile and try to make it as enjoyable as possible for her. The first impression is one that will never be forgotten. Which means, in this case, you always want to put your best “penis” forward.
You’re Welcome, and Good Luck Out There!

If you need more guidance and want to gain more confidence with women then check out some of these books that I recommend. Also, don’t be too proud and truly consider the penis pump. She will be glad that you did.

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