Men’s Dating Tip #104: Know What Type of Woman She is by Looking at this One Detail…

     In a society where the man is expected to pay for the first date, you want to be selective on who you choose to spend your money on.  You don’t want to drop 100’s of dollars on all kinds of women that are not your type.  

The problem is that all women are so divine in their own way and also equally confusing and mysterious, so you need some kind of a system in place.  A system that will allow you to determine what type of woman she is before you even get to the first date. 

Now you can know what type of woman she is by looking at this one detail…her nails!!   

Yes.  That’s right.  Her nails are an accurate and clear window into her lifestyle and personality.  If you pay close enough attention, you can quickly and easily tell if she is worth your last Red Lobster coupon or not. 

Here are the five specific details about her nails that you are  looking for to tell what type of woman she is….

A Nail Bitter:  Beware of this fragile soul.  She’s been through a lot and has a lot resting on her shoulders.  Besides being a day dreamer, a figiter, and becoming bored easily, she is also a nervous nilly.  She cares too much about everything else, and not enough about herself.  A woman that bites her nails to the point where it’s noticeable, is in need of some extra TLC in her life. Don’t mistake her shortcomings as weakness, though, because this nail biting – worry wart is one strong cookie. She never even thinks about giving up when she is faced with adversity.  

Perfectly Polished and Well Kept: She takes the time and money that it requires to maintain that look. She pays attention to detail, and ranks herself high on her own priority list. She understands the power of first impressions, and uses her feminine charm to her own personal benefit. Her nails, that cost her over $100 a month, are just a small example of what she does to go above and beyond for herself.  If you think her nails are on point, you can bet your ass that her everything else in on point too. 

 All Natural: She does not go against nature. She knows that if she leaves it alone, it will be the way it’s meant to be…beautiful. She’s an old soul type of chick. She probably has a lot of deep thoughts going through that pretty head of hers. She fills her days with activities that have purpose and meaning.  Lucky you if you find a rare woman like this that lets you in her world of peace, love, harmony, and tranquility.

Brightly Colored: She’s a free spirit, a risk taker, a trend setter, an individualistic type of woman.  A woman that will choose a hot green instead of a traditional red nail color is a woman that is not afraid to do the things that make her happy.  She knows it will stand out and be different, but her spirit will not allow her to choose anything ordinary. She’s way too unique for that.  This woman might come across as socially awkward, when in fact, she is simply marching to the beat of her own drum.  The woman you see before you with those neon nails is a light to a dark room, and a powerful force to recon with.

Super Long: Watch out!  She’s highly in tuned with her feline feminine instincts. She is a woman that will not tolerate your bull shit.  Also, she might cut you.  She does not give a fuck about your opinion of her, nor will she aim to please you.  On the other hand, this long nailed goddess can also give you the best back scratch you have ever had in your life.  Like the female lioness, she is super down for her man, and a bad ass mother to her children.  A woman this fierce will literally break a beer bottle over someones head for you if she had to. 

Put these five tips to use right away so you can confidently pick the right girl to spend your hard earned money on.  Once you have put this system in motion you will notice that the women you choose to take out on nice dates are more your type, and there is much more chemistry. 

You’re Welcome, and Good Luck Out There!!!

written by: rebecca nistal

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