5 Reasons Why She Isn’t Texting You Back. Probably.

written by:  Rebecca Nistal

You’re a decent looking guy. Women flirt back with you. You get their attention when you go out and mingle, and your online dating profile isn’t looking too shabby, either.

Suddenly, after the chatting and flirting process has begun, you lose her.  She stops texting you back. WTF, man?  Right. Wtf? Maybe it’s her. Maybe she lacks social skills, or maybe all women are just stuck-up and self-centered. She’s probably a gold digger. Probably. Right?

Or Maybe your game was tight in 2003, but its 2017, baby.

Here are five reasons why she probably isn’t texting you back. Probably…

1) You Are Not Standing Out From the Crowd

Chances are you are not the only one that has noticed how awesome she is. Which means that her inbox is full of other men trying to get her attention. So if you come generic with it, without any originality or genuine intent, she is going to scroll right past you, and never look back.

This is particularly true if she did not give you her phone number in person and you are sliding into her DM’s.  She does not know you at all. She didn’t ask or invite direct conversation, so be respectful, humble and original. Oh yeah, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)!

2) You Are Not Asking Enough Questions About Her

No. She’s not a self-centered bitch. She’s a human being. And if you know anything about the power of persuasion, than you know all human beings enjoy talking about themselves. You are trying to woo her, right? Then ask her questions and get her talking.  You will thank me later.

What Kind of questions should you ask?

Well, DO NOT ask her any extremely personal questions. Stay away from topics like her ex, or the things that make her tick. (You will learn that soon enough). Also stay away from extra superficial topics like the weather, for example. Trust me when I tell you this, she does not give a fuck about the weather, or taking the time to discuss it with you. She gives a fuck about her latest projects, her kids, her career, her siblings, her family, her money, her goals, her future.

Remember to stay sharp, buddy. The first 10 texts back and forth are like a ticking time bomb for you. Saying the wrong thing is like cutting the black cord when you should have cut the red cord. Then BOOM! You’re done.




3) You Are Being a Horny and Disrespectful Little Prick

The timeline kinda goes like this…

  • She posts a sexy selfie or picture of herself
  • You see it less than 2 minutes after she posted it
  • You double tap, or you don’t double tap, (depending on what type of person you are)
  • 3.5 minutes after you see her sexy post, you slide in her DM
  • She sifts through the other 14 DM’s She just received in the last 9.5 minutes since she posted her sexy post
  • She replies back “hi (heart eye emoji blowing a kiss)”
  • You quickly reply back with something a bit inappropriate, like asking her if she likes it doggy style or something super ridiculously stupid and rude like that. Or you completely throw all morals out the window, (along with your dignity), forget everything your momma taught you, say fuck it, and send her the good ol’ classic dick pic.

Sound familiar? Unsolicited sex talk, dick picks, questions about sex positions, asking for nudes are almost always a deal breaker for most women. Not only is it massively annoying, but a major turn off. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you slide in her DM or she gives you her number in person. Have some respect, man, damn. Learn the art of flirting, and don’t you even think about trying to convert a conversation into a virtual sex conversation. Seriously, it’s rude af. Sexting is fun, and can be a turn on to women, but not usually in early stages of texting.

She knows you want to smash! She’s not stupid! You don’t have to make sure it’s the focus point of your conversation that you have a goal to sleep with her as soon as humanly possible. Again…learn the art of playful flirting, then earn your spot in her life to be the one that she wants to sext with. If she wanted to do that with strangers, she would be making money being a sex phone operator. Right?


4) You’re Running Game and She Knows It

When a woman suspects that you are running game on her she will instantly become hesitant to engage with you further. Before you know it,  she has vanished into thin air. Well, kinda. She still posts things to her timeline all day long, she’s just not texting you back.

You can not mess with the intuition that is instilled into the female brain. Don’t come at a woman with some fake bullshit. We know you are full of shit. Just be yourself. We have heard it all.

You need to be honest with your intentions. If you only want to have a quick hook up, but you are faking it, and acting like you want more. She is going to sense you ingenuity right away. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t women out there that are not down for the booty call every now and then, just be honest and clear with your intent.

5) She’s Just Not Into You

Happens to the best of us. Not everyone is going to like you, so it’s important you recognize it early on. Women love attention from someone that they are interested in, and hate it from someone they are not interested in. Mostly because it’s frustrating to feel like you are hurting someones feelings. Everyone has been on both sides of the table in this particular situation.

Do not beat yourself up, but do get out of there fast! As soon as you recognize that she is not interested, BOUNCE right back out of her DM! Play it cool, Act Natural.  Keep liking and commenting on her posts, and act as if it never happened.  I know some might disagree with me on that. Some say that persistence is the key in winning her heart. But something tells me you have already tried that and that is why you are still reading this article.

There you have it, gentleman. Five reasons why she probably isn’t texting you back. Remember that you are dealing with a woman here. Someone that has, more than likely, been lied to and/or cheated on, and maybe some hurt feelings and experiences under her belt. She is the gate keeper of her own heart, so be genuine, be honest, be clear with your intentions, and be respectful. Now, go slide in her DM and try it out.

There are still many other factors to consider while texting a woman, other than these glorious golden nuggets that I just presented to you. (about 3 million other reasons) Remember that. Also try seeking other learning materials from actual dating experts about the art of texting and communicating effectively with a woman.


You are welcome and Good Luck, my friend.